Handicraft Workshop~【USR工作坊】假日手作課程~免費體驗手創樂趣!





▍課程資訊 ▍


- 4/27 () 9:30~11:30 種籽創藝DIY

- 5/25 () 9:00~11:30 手縫零錢包



✎報名截止日期:2024/4/12 (中午12:00



The 2024 "Yuan Ze University-USR Workshop" is about to start. 

This time, famous teachers from the industry are specially invited to the school to conduct the "Holiday Handmade Experience" course. 

A total of 2 sessions are arranged, both of which take environmental sustainability as the core concept, with rich and therapeutic designs. 

This heart-warming handicraft course not only allows you to learn and play, but also allows you to take home your own creations. 

Grab your friends and join us to share the fun of holiday DIY. 

Friends who want to participate are reminded to choose a suitable time for the event based on their personal interests. 

At the same time, please be sure to fill in the registration form completely to complete the registration.

Sign up now👉🏻https://forms.gle/sXd5eWBgoEGyfDZk8

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